Thorney Close Primary School

Thorney Close Primary School

“Where Learning Blossoms”


At Thorney Close Primary School we offer a curriculum which builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, whatever their starting points, as they progress through the school. The school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in both Nursery and Reception. From Year 1 onwards the school follows the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. Instead of teaching subjects in isolation, where possible we make connections between them to form topics.

We aim to fully equip pupils with the skills needed to be independent, enthusiastic and motivated learners. To further enhance the children’s learning experiences, each class takes part in at least one visit out of school per term. This helps to ignite children’s interest and make their learning more meaningful. To further enhance learning experiences we also have visitors who come into school to work with the children, for example subject specific workshops.

The July 2017 memory books below provide you with a flavour of our vibrant and exciting curriculum.  The books are large PDF's, so they may take time for you to download and view them.


Year 1

Year 3

Year 4

Curriculum Maps

Nursery Curriculum Map

Reception Curriculum Map

Year 1 Curriculum Map

Year 2 Curriculum Map

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Curriculum Map


We aim to provide a Religious Education policy in line with the Sunderland agreed syllabus of 2014. This is consistent with the overall teaching and learning policy for the school. The school is concerned to promote the spiritual and moral development of it’s pupils, not just through the planned curriculum, but through assemblies and collective worship, through developing links with the local community and through the ethos and standards of the whole school.

The Religious Education syllabus


In addition to the weekly spelling and times tables practise teachers will be sending home this year, we have introduced a more creative and fun approach to home learning. Based on the topics children will be exploring in class, we have included activities from across the curriculum subjects.

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SUMO delivers skills for life – and helps pupils develop emotional literacy that will help them deal with the challenges of the future. The way in which SUMO can help is summarised by the acronym CRAMS

C – How to accept and manage Change in our lives and how to build and maintain Confidence to deal with the challenges in life.
R – Building better and lasting Relationships with our families and friends.
A – Developing a resilient Attitude to life and learning to deal with set-backs.
M – Improve and maintain Motivation for ourselves and those around us.
S – Learning to cope with Stress and turning stressful situations into positive ones.

SUMO makes a genuine positive difference and in many instances is quite literally life-changing. Promoting positive behaviour, developing creativity, thinking and learning skills, building self-awareness and self-belief, managing feelings and developing emotional intelligence, inspiring confidence, raising aspirations, creating possibilities - SUMO4Schools releases potential and delivers Skills for Life.

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