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Rhyming Words

Children  have been practising listening for rhyming words today. They really enjoyed the online tool we used so we thought we would share it so you can use it at home too.

Rhyme Time

Early Words Together

We are so excited to tell you that here at Thorney Close Primary School we have been able to secure funding to bring to children a fabulous literacy project called Early Words Together, created by The National Literacy Trust, brought to you by us.

Pre Phonics Skills

As part of our pre-phonics skills in nursery we focus on being able to hear and recognise different everyday sounds. This is a hugely important skill as it leads into being able to hear the difference between an a sound and a c sound when beginning to build words.

This week in nursery we have been using a resource called Phonics Bloom to help us to develop our listening skills. We chose the game What's behind the door? The children absolutely love it. If you would like to try at home you can find it here

Phonics Bloom