Thorney Close Primary School

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After School Clubs - Spring Term

As part of our extra-curriculum offer, I would like to inform you of the range of academic, creative and musical after school clubs we have arranged for the Spring Term. Unfortunately, due to ongoing developments with the flooring of the school hall and the unpredictable weather at this time of the year, we will not be offering any sporting clubs. Sporting clubs will return in the Summer.

This term teaching staff will be running a number of learning and booster clubs that children will be invited to attend. These clubs will be a wonderful opportunity for children receive additional support that will enhance their learning and confidence in the key areas of Maths and English. These clubs are not detailed on the grid below as selected children will receive a letter from their teacher inviting them to attend.

Detailed on the grid below are the clubs that our teaching support staff will be running this term. The clubs will run until 4.15pm and start the week beginning 21st January, 2019.