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Magic Breakfast

I am really excited at being able to offer the Magic Breakfast to all children from Monday. For the next two years, every child will have the offer of a healthy breakfast in class everyday. The reasons why we are going ahead with this (as it is a tremendous amount of extra work and a huge commitment) are as follows:

  • Every child will have access to breakfast which will give them a brilliant healthy start to the day.
  • It is free for every child without barrier or stigma
  • Vulnerable children are targeted to attend
  • Children will have a calm start to the day
  • Lateness should reduce as children will be keen not to miss their breakfast
  • Children's wellbeing should benefit with that social time with their peers
  • Children won’t get dirty or have conflict before the start of the school day (as no one will be allowed to stay on the yard. All children must go straight to class entering on both yards which will be staffed at the door)
  • Children will benefit form extra learning opportunities between 8.45am—8.55am, led by the staff using the interactive whiteboards
  • Pupil progress should benefit as we will not have any hungry children who can’t focus on their learning and a calmer start means children are more ready to learn
  • The children will have the opportunity to try new foods throughout the year
  • Family time should improve as there is no rush to prepare your child's breakfast
  • It should be fun to eat with your class and your teacher

I am pleased that we have a core of parents who have helped set this up and I hope more of you will help us each day. I am delighted to say that Amazon (based in Washington) are funding this project as without their help, and the Magic Breakfast charity, it would be impossible to deliver such a commitment.

Can I also add that the £1 pre-bookable daily breakfast club — mainly targeted to help out working parents will still continue as there is a need to support parents with pre-school childcare in order to facilitate them getting to work on time.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday bright and early.

Catherine Jones, Headteacher