Thorney Close Primary School

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Picnic Lunch

The end of the school year is almost upon us! In celebration of a wonderful school year, I will be hosting a celebration picnic lunch on Thursday, 19th July, 2018 from 11.30pm to 1.00pm. The picnic will be a fun family occasion with all children in Reception to Year 6 joining together for an entertaining lunch, marking the end of a successful year and saying goodbye to our Year 6 children who will be leaving us to embark on a new chapter in their school life.

The picnic will take place on the school field (or indoors in the event of wet weather) for all Reception to Year 6 children and their parents/carers.

Jackie, our school cook, will be making a special picnic lunch for all children who normally have a school dinner. The picnic box will include, a wrap/sandwich, a sausage roll, nachos, a cookie, a tub of ice cream and a drink.

Parents/carers are welcome to join us at 12.00am on the school field – along with their picnics, chairs and blankets!

The picnic will finish at 1.00pm with children returning to their classrooms to collect their belongings ready for school finishing at 1.15pm. Children will only be able allowed to leave school with an appropriate adult known to their class teacher. Children will not be able to leave school and walk home by themselves (including Year 5 and 6 children who usually have permission to do so).