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Friendly Friday

It was so lovely to see the children sharing, taking turns and helping each other in nursery today, well it is Friendly Friday!


We had a very exciting delivery in nursery today. Just look what we found when we opened the box! The children were quite shocked at how small the caterpillars were. We found out that today the caterpillars are about as long as a child's little finger nail.

A new song in Music

In music with Les and Jen today we learnt a new song and game. We had to listen carefully, follow instructions, wait our turn, make sure our friends got a turn, understand fast, slow and change direction. It was lots of fun!

Balance Bikes

Mrs Jones was very proud to see how sensible our older nursery children were when they found out about our balance bikes for the very first time today. The children listened beautifully and followed the instructions so carefully. Today we found out how to do a bike check and became familiar with the sensation of a helmet on our heads. Then we completed an activity called bench shuffle to help us to put our feet in the right place to move the balance bike. It was quite tricky and we really had to use our leg muscles!

The Queen's Knickers

We are finding out about The Queen to help us prepare for The Platinum Jubilee. 

Our main story is The Queen's Knickers by Nicholas Allan.  If you'd like to listen at home you can find it by clicking on the link below.

First Words Together

Our First Words Together children and adults had a lovely afternoon. We played some getting to know you games, started our memory books, explored our favourite places to play inside nursery, had a snack, played a memory game and finished with a story.

Anyone for tea?

Anyone for tea? The children have worked together beautifully to collect the flowers, pour the water and make tea in the mud kitchen today. (We used cold water, the kettle isn't a working one) It was a tough decision, daisy tea or dandelion tea? They both looked delicious!

Spring Sunshine

We certainly enjoyed the chance to enjoy the sunshine in the nursery garden today. We made the most of opportunities to practise and develop skills to help us share, ask questions and make marks, to name just a few.

Easter Treasure Hunt

We finished our busy term with an Easter treat hunt in our nursery garden. We were super friends and helped our friends to find the treats with their name labels on as well as our own. It was lots of fun!

Easter Time in Nursery

There's been lots of lovely Easter themed learning going on in our nursery.

Easter Music

Our music with Les and Jen had an Easter theme. We started with Sleepy bunnies and then we read music and made sound patterns using eggs to help us.


Can you guess what we've been making in Nursery? It was really interesting to see how the chocolate changed from hard to "runny like slime" or "chocolate soup". 

Ribbon Streamers

The weather was just perfect for us practise our large muscle movements to wave our new ribbon streamers.

Red Nose Day

Here are just a few of the special moments of Red Nose Day in Nursery.

Planting and Growing

We have explored planting and growing with seeds but using different resources as suggested in these resources shared by the lovely people from British Science Week. We can't wait to see what happens!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Nursery have had lots of lovely experiences whilst finding out what happened to Jack's beans. We've shared lots of different versions of 'Jack and the Beanstalk', we've listened to songs that tell the story and sang songs that help us to plant beans, we've made castles in the clouds for the giant, drew our own story maps, built model beanstalks and planted beans too. Now we're caring for our beans and watching how they change everyday.

Colours, Textures and Smells

We like our playdough to have different colours, textures and smells so we made our own. Our playdough table has never been so busy!

If you would like to try to make your own at home you can follow the recipe we used by following the link.
Play Dough Recipe

World Book Day

Happy World Book Day. We've had a busy morning in nursery, sharing stories with friends, dancing along to the World Book Day song, doing some book inspired Yoga and making our book crowns. The children chose which characters to include on their crowns. How many can you spot?

Music Man

Just look at those smiles, it must be time for more music with Les and Jen! We practised the song I am the music man, which helps us to remember the names of lots of different instruments and the sounds that they make. We also learned a new song all about a purple people eater. We were really good at learning all of the actions for the song, even when we sang it really fast!


As part of Children's Mental Health Week Kip the kindness elf visited Nursery. Did you know experiencing kindness can actually improve our mental health? Research has shown that when we’re kind, when someone is kind to us – or even if we just witness kindness, our bodies release feel-good hormones which lift our mood, giving us what’s known as a ‘Helper’s High’.

So, Kip set us a daily kindness challenge each day, including picking the toys up from the floor, sharing toys with our friends and helping our friends. Kip even helped us to think about how we can be kind to ourselves through healthy choices, such as spending time outside, getting the right amount of sleep or even singing

Les and Jen joined in the kindness challenge too by teaching us to sing Good to be me. You can sing along too, just click on the link below.

Music Pitch

In music we explored pitch with Les and Jen. They brought some fabulous scarves and ribbons which we made go high and low.

Winter Stories

After reading some lovely winter stories we went outside to find out for ourselves what winter feels like.

Click on the picture below if you'd like to listen to Robin's Winter Song.

Click on the picture below if you'd like to listen to the story Let's Go Home Little Bear.


We have begun to find out about winter. We started with a lovely story about a robin experiencing his very first winter. After reading the story we got a little worried that the robin and other birds in the nursery garden wouldn't have anything to eat so we filled the bird feeders and even made some bird food using seeds, cereal and honey. When we checked the next day the bird food we'd made had all been eaten! It must have been delicious.

Music with Les and Jen

We love our music time each Thursday with Les and Jen. We have been singing about drums, guitars, pianos, agogos and at our special request, a flute.


Fire and Rescue

We have been finding out all about the fire and rescue service. Our firefighter pictures presented the perfect opportunity to explore some colour mixing!


Can you guess which shape we were looking at?


There were lots of interesting frost and ice patterns to find and investigate.

Christmas Party

We've had another fabulous fun Christmas adventure together at our Nursery Christmas party. We danced, sung, played pass the parcel, played dance freeze and just really really enjoyed sharing the experience with our friends.

Funshack Visit

We have had an absolutely brilliant time at Funshack. It was lots of fun exploring the soft play area and there was even time for bouncing on the trampolines. We had a well earned juice and biscuit, a quick rest while we watched a cartoon and then we got back on the bus to come back to school.

Christmas Jumpers

More magic moments from our Christmas fun day. We wore, made and decorated Christmas jumpers. Then we had to work together as a team to find all of the lost presents and put them back in the sack for Santa.

Looking for Santa

We've been busy little elves in the garden this morning, looking for all the missing pieces of Santa's face. Then we went inside for a lovely hot chocolate and a delicious marshmallow.

Children in Need

We have been supporting Pudsey and Children in Need. There were paintings of Pudsey, Pudseys to colour in, dancing with Pudsey, Pudsey stories and not forgetting our pedal, push and pjs for Pudsey.


At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day on the eleventh month our nursery children stopped to send love, thanks and happy thoughts to our Armed Forces.

What a Busy Week

Well, we have had another very busy week. Here are just a few of the magic moments we shared this week.

Building Friendships

It's lovely to see the children nurturing old friendships and building new ones. Take a look at these lovely moments, showing what we can achieve with friends.

 First Week

Here are just a few lovely moments from our first week back. What a fantastic start to the academic year.

 Starting Nursery