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Our Governors

Governing bodies are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the Headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, the governors set the school’s aims and policies.

Key Roles of the Governors

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • To ensure accountability for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure value for money

  • To support and challenge and undertake the role of ‘critical friend’

Please see the Department for Education Governors' Handbook for a detailed description of role of the Governing Body.

The Governing body meets six times a year (twice a term)  as a whole body.

The Governing Board of Thorney Close Primary School adopted a Code of Conduct on 30th January 2018.

Governing Body Constitution

The Governing Body is drawn from the staff of the school, the Local Education Authority, parents and the wider community that our school serves. The usual term of office is four years but many governors stand for re-election and serve more than one term.

The constitution of our Governing Body states that we should have a maximum of 13 governors as follows:

  • The Headteacher

  • One governor appointed by the Local Authority (may not be a member of staff)

  • Parent governors elected by the parents One staff governor elected by the staff

  • Governors co-opted by the Governing Body

When there is a vacancy for a parent-governor, all parents are informed, and asked if they wish to join.  If there are more applicants than places, a ballot is arranged.

Staff  (including headteacher)

Mrs Catherine Jones (Headteacher)

Miss Ashlee Graham

Local Authority



Miss Amy Charlton

Miss Lisa Palmer

Mr Glenn Proctor (Vice Chair of Governors)

Miss Alice Rowell

Miss Jane Stelling


Mrs Rachel Aird

Ms Lucy McMahon

Miss Sarah Rose

Mrs Lorraine Scott (Chair of Governors)


How to Contact the Governors.

To contact the Chair of Governors please leave a letter at the school office; the letter will be forwarded immediately.

Governing Body Attendance

Please click on the link below to see attendance at Governing Body meetings.


Governing Body Attendance 2018-19



Register of Pecuniary Interest

Members of the Governing Body are asked to record any pecuniary interests held either personally or through a company or relative or partner. An 'interest' is a situation where a member of the governing body may be affected personally or financially, directly or indirectly, or in some other way by a decision made at a meeting where the governor is present.

The School Governance (Procedures) (England) Regulations state that members of the governing body with any such interest must declare it as soon as possible at any meeting of the full governing body or committee meeting, must not take part in the discussion, must not vote and should withdraw from the meeting. Their withdrawal and return should be minuted.

A Governors' Register of Interests is kept for Thorney Close Primary School, and is updated by the Clerk.



(Term of office is 4 years)

Register of Pecuniary Interest Governor of Another Establishment Relationship to Staff Member
Mrs Lorraine Scott

22nd October 2020

Chair of Governors (term of office as Chair is 2 years from 22.10.20)

Sandhill View Academy Sandhill View Academy None
Mrs Catherine Jones 4th November 2002


 - Form completed 5.2.19


No None
Miss Sarah Rose 20th May 2014 HLTA  at Thorney Close Primary School - Form completed 30.1.18 No None
Mrs Rachel Aird 5th February 2019 None  - Form completed 5.2.19 No None
Ms Lucy McMahon 5th February 2019 None  - Form completed 5.2.19 No None
Miss Ashlee Graham 20th November 2018

Teacher at Thorney Close Primary School  - Form completed


No None
Miss Amy Charlton

26th November 2019


None  - Form completed 5.2.19 No None
Miss Alice Rowell 20th November 2018 None  - Form completed 5.2.19 No None
Miss Lisa Palmer 20th November 2018 None   No None
Mr Glenn Proctor

1st September 2017

Vice Chair of Governors (term of office as Vice Chair is 2 years from 22.10.20)

None  - Form completed 5.2.19 No None
Miss Jane Stelling 8th June 2015 None  - Form completed 5.2.19 No None

Position of Responsibility/Subject Link


Name Position of Responsibility/Subject Link
Mrs Lorraine Scott

Vice Chair of Governors (term of office as Vice Chair is 2 years from 26.9.17)

Numeracy Link Governor

Mrs Catherine Jones Headteacher
Miss Sarah Rose HLTA – Support Staff Governor Link
Miss Ashlee Graham Teacher – Teacher Staff Governor Link
Miss Amy Charlton Health and Safety Link Governor
Mr Glenn Proctor Vice Chair of Governors (term of office as Vice Chair is 2 years from 26.9.17) Behaviour, Personal Development and Welfare Link Governor
Miss Jane Stelling

Curriculum and Assessment Link Governor 

Teaching and Learning Link Governor