Thorney Close Primary School

Thorney Close Primary School

“Where Learning Blossoms”

Pupil Voice

Our pupils’ views are very important to us and wherever possible they are consulted on decisions to be made about the school. Pupils are encouraged to suggest ways that we can further improve their learning experiences at Thorney Close Primary School. 

There are two school Ambassadors in each class. These children were elected into this role by their peers for their admirable qualities, for example: they are friendly to everyone and their attitude to learning is outstanding. The Ambassadors have made some important decisions within the school. They even helped to choose the toys and games for the 'Golden Ticket Room' as their role requires them to put forward the pupil voice within the school.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Every academic year at Thorney Close Primary School we select children from Year 6 to have the honour of being Head boy and girl and Deputy Head boy and girl.  During the year they will be called upon to be ambassadors for the school.  They will meet and greet important visitors to the school, as well as being involved in a wide range of other enjoyable duties.