Thorney Close Primary School

"Where Learning Blossoms..."





Thorney Close Primary School is fortunate to have an incredible team of highly committed and caring staff, both in and out of the classroom. Our teaching staff and non teaching staff all share a common goal;  that Thorney Close Primary School will improve the lives of every single child that walks through its doors.


   Senior Leaders   


Mrs C. Jones

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs N. Leyland
Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Curriculum Lead

Behaviour Lead


Mrs R. Jenner

Senior Leader

School Business Manager



Mrs S. Fishburn-Parkin

Senior Leader

Teacher of the Deaf


    Middle Leaders   

Miss R. Chedzoy

Middle Leader

Maths Lead

Science Lead

Reception Teacher

Willow Class


Mrs L. Mustard

Nursery Teacher

Saplings Class

 Miss R Keast

Middle Leader

English Lead

Year 6 Teacher

Larch Class


    Teaching Staff  



 Miss A. Graham

Year 2 Teacher 

Sycamore Class


Miss R. Hodges

Year 4 Teacher 

Spruce Class



Miss L. Hardman

Year 1 Teacher 

Oak Class



Miss B. Merritt

Teacher of the Deaf


Mrs M. McCreight

Year 4 Teacher

Cedar Class

 Mrs S. Prior

Year 5 Teacher

Poplar Class

Mr A. Stewart

Year 3 Teacher

Elm Class


Miss C. Swinburne

Reception Teacher 

Beech Class

 Mr P. Vaughan

Year 6 Teacher

Larch Class

Mrs C. Wright

Year 4 Teacher

Fir Class

   Teaching Support Staff   


Miss A. Croft


First Aid


Miss S. Rose


First Aid

Miss G. Fagan




Mr A. Smith


Mrs S. Anderson

Teaching Assistant

First Aid


Mrs G. Chambers

Nursery Nurse



Miss A. Leonard

Teaching Assistant


Miss S Wetherell

Teaching Assistant

First Aid






   Non-Teaching Support Staff     

Ms J. Rich

Administration Assistant



Mrs G. Holmes

ICT Technician

 Mr M. Unsworth

Site Supervisor



Miss M. Frost

Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs F. Khattab

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss J. Stubbs

Lunchtime Supervisor




Miss S. Stobbs

Lunchtime Supervisor