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Year 1


We have started to explore what habitats are this week. We know that some animals need different habitats to each other. We discussed the kinds of animals that would have the sea as their habitat, or the forest as their habitat, or the desert as their habitat. We had a mini-beast hunt around to school to see if we could find any animals and their habitats!

Portraits of the Queen

To mark the Jubilee we would like to share some of the portraits the children drew on Jubilee party day. How brilliant The children thought carefully about every detail from the Queens’ hair to her clothes.

 Great Fire of London

Over the past few weeks we have been discovering all about the Great Fire of London! The children have loved this topic and have enjoyed finding out about Samuel Pepys.  We all had a go at transforming a cardboard box into a tudor house.


We have had an Easter fun filled day. First we made our Easter hats, then we had a great time having egg and spoon races. We have also enjoyed eating Easter chocolate nests.

Spelling Superstars

A big group of Spelling Superstars!


Year 1 enjoyed our first Yoga and Meditation session to help relax our mind and body.


We have been measuring length and height in Maths. We have measured books, scissors, glue sticks, pens, pencils, rubbers and much more. We used cubes to measure and then we compared items that were longer, smaller, taller and shorter. Our last job was to work in 2 groups and have a race to see who could build the tallest tower.

Playtime fun with friends

Fruits and Vegetables

In class we spoke about healthy eating. We had a discussion about all of the different kinds of fruits and vegetables that there is to keep us healthy. We know that eating healthy helps us to grow big and strong. After our discussion, we had a taste test. Some of us were so brave, we tried fruits and vegetables that we have never tried before!

Rangoli Patterns

Working hard creating 'Rangoli' Patterns.

Fantastic Half Term

What a fantastic first half to our Spring Term. The children have been trying really hard in all areas of learning. They are making fantastic progress and it is something to be really proud of! We love to chat with our friends on a morning whilst we have our breakfast, we have been practicing our 2 times tables a lot and we have baked cookies for the Highway Rat.

Natural Object Pictures

This week in art we were discovering how to make pictures with natural objects. The children came up with so many different ideas and their pictures were fantastic.

 Home Learning

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