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Year 6

Year 6 SATs celebration sport and activity day


Year 6 visited Safetyworks! in Newcastle.  Children took part in workshops with the Fire Brigade, the Police, a Road Safety Officer and Metro staff. The workshops were very interactive, informative and most importantly fun! All of the children left the sessions feeling they were ready to keep themselves and their families safe. A brilliant afternoon!

Year 6 Safetyworks!

Yellow-Spotted Lizards

We have really enjoyed our writing this week. We are writing an information text all about Yellow-Spotted Lizards. We have thought carefully about our sentence openers, punctuation and sub-headings.

Tricky Maths

We have worked together to solve some tricky problems involving multiplying and dividing decimal numbers.


We are proud of our work



Year 6 loved their first yoga session. We all felt very calm and relaxed afterwards!

SPaG Treasure Hunt

Year 6 used our outdoor space today to help them complete a SPaG Treasure Hunt. This involved finding nouns, verbs and adjectives outside as well as exploring the use of semi-colons, colons and relative clauses! We had lots of fun.

 Snow Tubing