Thorney Close Primary School

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Year 5

The work of Paul Cezanne

We have turned our classroom into an art gallery and walked around to analyse the work of Paul Cezanne. We took our role of art critiques very seriously, commenting on his composition and technique. We expressed and justified our own opinions, too.

Year 5 Art Gallery

Taste Testers

We have been taste testers, analysing existing pasta sauces and scoring them based on appearance, aroma, texture and, of course, taste in order to complete a star analysis. We used some impressive vocabulary when discussing these elements, too. We are excited to begin planning and creating our own pasta sauces throughout our DT unit!

Y5 Taste Testers

STEM Afternoon

We had an exciting STEM afternoon with members of staff from Sandhill View, where we had to design and create a floating piece of land to grow crops on. We had a lengthy design criteria that we had to adhere to and were required to test and evaluate our work throughout the afternoon.

Busy Week

We have had a busy last week before we break up for half term.

  • We used atlases to support our location of countries around the world through using the continent names to narrow our search area down. We then applied our understanding of 8-point compass directions to navigate our way around the world as if we were in charge of a cargojet’s journey.
  • We consolidated our understanding of mixed number and improper fractions.
  • In Science we had to work together to apply everything we've learned about separating materials in order to separate a wide range of objects. 

Cityscapes on Water

We have been working hard this week to create effects with watercolour paints by creating reflections of cityscapes on water.

Launching Rockets

We have been making rockets that can be launched by an air pressure (us blowing through straws)!

We tested whether the angle of the rocket would make a difference to the distance that it travelled. We had to consider how to work scientifically, ensuring a fair test during our enquiry. We then measured and recorded our results in a bar chart.


We have been learning all about overfishing and the devastating impacts of doing so. We played a 'fishing' game with sweets to represent fish and had to consider how to ensure that our fishing was sustainable in order to continue with the game. Some of us decided to fish all of our sweets and could fish no more - invasions to other waters were necessary for survival!

 Fraction Hunt

We went outside to  hunt for fractions and then find an equivalent fraction using our number skills!



 Newcastle Vikings

Newcastle Vikings Handball Club visited school to deliver a handball session. There were some very talented handballers.


Year 5 children participating in a yoga class.



To introduce our DT unit on kites, we enjoyed some time outside flying. Luckily we didn't get blown away!